Devizes is an historic market town where street and cattle markets have been held for hundreds of years. 
It boasts one of the largest Market Places in the West Country and has the somewhat unique feature in that you cannot see a direct exit from where ever you stand.
The cattle marked closed several years ago; however, there are still regular street markets held every week in the Market Place. 
Our regular market is held on Thursday of each week, generally between about 8.30 am and 3.00 pm.  The Shambles is also open daily, including Sundays.
Thursday weekly market  Thursday weekly market
There used to be a market of some sort nearly every day, indeed Monday Market Street or more correctly Monday's Market Street reflects this. There is still evidence of rings outside some of the older buildings where cattle were tethered.
Thursday weekly market Thursday weekly market
Read the inscription on the Ruth Pierce Monument (the Market Cross) in the middle of the Market Place and be warned!

From time to time other featured markets are held.
French Market French Market
French Markets are regular regular visitors

French Market French Market

And on the 1st & 3rd  Saturdays of the month Devizes Farmers' Markets sells everything from vegetables and a range of specialist cheeses to smoked fish, honey, chilli sauces, olives with locally made marinades, delicious cakes and a variety of meats, pies, seasonal plants and ice cream, chocolates, bread, eggs, preserves and green wood products. There are experienced producers present with a great deal of knowledge so you can get cooking and storage tips as well as knowledgeable information about production methods.

And with plenty of pedestrian areas, all available space is used such as this flower stall in the Brittox
Flower stall in the Brittox