Based in the Peppermill Hotel (formerly The Crown Centre), the Devizes CCTV Control Room houses one of the most up to date CCTV systems.  The system is run under the auspices of the Devizes Development Partnership (DDP) on behalf of the Community.  The system officially went live on the 1st November 2007.
Noël Woolrych is the CCTV Manager and can be contacted on 07768 311584 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Recently upgraded in October 2018, it consists of 9 locations with high definition Pan Tilt & Zoom (PTZ) speed dome cameras, fixed cameras and 360° cameras.
These are located at
The Brittox
The Market Place
Old Post Office
Roses Roundabout
The Castle Hotel
Wadworth Roundabout
Morrison's Roundabout
Sheep Street Car Park
The Bell by the Green
The video signals from each camera are beamed back to the control centre by radio (very similar to your home wireless computer network).  The images are recorded 24/7 on a massive hard disk array capable of storing several weeks worth of data.
The scheme is run by a part time CCTV Manager and manned by volunteers from the community.
It should not be seen as an entity in its own right but part of a wider community safety initiative.  We operate in conjunction with the Police and the local town centre stores that subscribe to the Storenet Radio system.  This enables us to communicate both with permises who might have spotted shoplifters or persons behaving inappropriately. They can notify the control room and alert each other of a potential problem.  We in turn can communicate directly with the Police Control Room and Police officers on the ground. Devizes Town Council Staff and the Police also carry Storenet Radios.The nightime economy, through Pubwatch, uses a WhatsApp Group.
This means that we can react pretty quickly to a live incident.  We can also assist with providing recorded evidence to assist in prosecution of suspected offenders (and have done so). 
In the time that it has been operational it has contributed to several arrests and successful prosecutions, kept an eye on a number of potentially suspicious events/individuals and dealt with several other incidents. We can also oversee large public events such as the Street Festival, Carnival & Christmas Lantern Parade.
In conjunction with the Police, we believe that we have made a significant contribution to the reduction of crime in the town centre.  Since the system was installed in 2007 incidents of criminal damage and antisocial behaviour in particular have been reduced.